Thomas lives in the hive of villainy that is Burbank, CA, where he works as a writer and director for screen, stage, and the web, often through his production company, Mariner Pictures. 

He has experience directing film and HD productions, TV, webisodes, music videos and commercials. He directed a one-hour drama called “Life’s Other Side” for the Inspiration Network that had a budget of $50,000 and was executive produced by Peter Engel (Saved by the Bell, Last Comic Standing). Other short films have garnered thirteen awards at festivals such as Houston Worldfest and have screened at several others, such as the New York Short Film Festival.

Life’s Other Side, INSP Cable Network, Movie-of-the-Week

What it’s like to be OCD, Mariner Pictures, 2 min.   (200,000+ Views)
Yard Sale, Dujeto TV, Webseries (10 ep.)
Rumor of Angels, Mariner Pictures, 48 min.
Flutterby, Mariner Pictures, 9 min.
Holding, Mariner Pictures, 7 min
Why I Go to Movies, Mariner Pictures, 5 min

Nygaard Fine Jewelers, Online (“Gotta Lock That Down” Campaign – 50,000+ views)
Adoption PSA, Online (“The White Room”)
Regent University, Online (“Labels” and “Dreams”)

My Scooter, Danny Ferrell, Los Angeles

Directing reel available upon request
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